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Safelists are discussion groups of mutual interest through which subscribers all agree to receive information from each other. Whenever you send a message to a safelist, it is distributed to all the members. Since everyone has to join, and verify their membership, it is also known as an Optin list. We individually qualify EACH safelist for you to ensure TOP QUALITY.

Let's say you're selling an ordinary $10 product:
Sent Emails
Response Rate
100,000 (1 in 1,000,000)
10,000 (1 in 1,000,000)
1000 (1 in 1,00,000)
100 (1 in 1,000,000)
10 (1 in 1,000,000)

(Results vary depending on the type of business, service
or product you offer as well as your sales message.)

We update our Optin lists EVERY DAY, and post updates to our members once a week because these lists are changing constantly! You are the first to know if a list has become undeliverable. We provide you with unmoderated safelists that are 100% deliverable right to the prospects' mailboxes at every update!

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Your membership includes access to our Web-Based Optin Email Blaster. This is a TOP QUALITY private safelist (on a private server!) TARGETED to business opportunity seekers, new products and services. This 1-click, 100% Optin Email Safelist Blaster works in your browser. There is NO SOFTWARE REQUIRED to use it. You simply type in your message, click a button, and your email is automatically sent to the list allowing you to reach THOUSANDS of prospects every day 100% SPAM FREE!

By using our high traffic Optin Email Blaster you can advertise your products and services by email without fear of being accused of SPAM. Every email message sent fully discloses the source of the message and allows list members to remove themselves immediately if they choose. Why jeopardize your valuable Web site by using SPAM, when you can use our 1-click Safelist Blaster?

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FFA Page included for even more leads!

You will also receive your very own FFA page. Your visitors will now benefit from being able to post their advertisements for free on your own Free For All Links Page. You are now providing visitors with a valuable service - free promotion for what they may have to sell, and you will see the number of visitors increase fast!

For every ad posted to your web site the advertiser will receive a Thank You Email from you with information on the products and services you promote and sell. And that's not all! When the ad expires and is removed from your FFA page, another email can be automatically sent reminding your users to come back and post again!

This can reach into many, many thousands of emails per month. Your FFA page will be working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, sending out your email ads, and it never gets tired!

*If you sign up now, we will personally add your Free For All Links Page to over 200+ databases so that you get massive posts to your page every day. (Value $50) You will never need to promote your FFA page again!



As a BONUS, we have put together tons of
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You'll be able to reach even more prospects through Search Engines and Directories, Classified Ad Pages, Newspapers and Magazines, Link Pages, Award Websites, Ezine Subscribers, Banner Exchanges, Hit Exchanges, Free Ebooks, How-to Books & Business Reports!

Plus, much, much more!

Do you have an online business that just hasn't taken off like you thought it would?

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Targeted email is the most direct and powerful method of marketing on the Internet today.

There are potentially millions of targeted buyers willing to purchase your product or service.

Are you getting tired of watching the orders trickle in? Do what the "big boys" do and watch your sales soar through the roof!


So here's what is available to you right now:

  • Email 75,000,000+ targeted prospects every month.
  • Email 2,500,000+ targeted prospects every day! 100% Optin!
  • Use our OWN private Super High Traffic Opt-in Email Blaster daily. This very powerful, amazing easy-to-use safelist blaster WORKS IN YOUR BROWSER with 1-click!
  • Instant access to thousands of opt-in safelist groups.
  • Track up to 50 URLs through our master control panel.
  • Track hits, browser type, operating system and up to the minute stats!
  • Powerful and easy user friendly interface.
  • No hassles! Instant delivery! Absolutely NO waiting!
  • Mail directly from our server! 100% Risk-Free!
  • No bouncing! No auto-responders! All mail is delivered!
  • Your email goes out by itself, not with 5 other messages!
  • TOP QUALITY Opt-in Lists that are 100% deliverable!
  • You can use our system once every day!
  • Instant Account Creation! Subscription Email Address Validation!
  • You can use our system market all of your products and services!
  • Special access to our very own Intensive Optin List Training course, teaching you tips and tricks and valuable pointers on writing effective ads and headlines that get your ads READ, time and time again!
  • Your very own FFA page, that will continue to promote your product or service 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and collect hundreds of email addresses a day from people that post.
  • Use our Classifieds + FFA Network to skyrocket your traffic!
  • Submit to 1,735,186 FREE Search Engines and Directories!
  • Submit to 33,434+ FREE Classified Ad Pages!
  • Get listed in 1,800 Newspapers and magazines!
  • Blast to 1,410,781 Different Link Pages!
  • Get listed on 600+ Bonus Websites!
  •  ..and much, much more!

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